When my own death comes

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There is not such a thing like death. Where do we come from and were are we going, a place where words, time and space don't exist. You are the Universe, and the Universe is you. The indisputable condition of the human being which paint the life with pain and sorrow, the separation. Separated to God as for eating the forbidden fruit, you are separated from your mother from the moment you become aware of your own existence.

The original sin? Oedipus complex? Dukkha in Buddhism? Everything is separation.


The Buddhism clearly says that the source of unhappiness arise from the crave and clinging. The crave, longing and wish are identified with the lack. You are always separated of your wish or object of desire. Love, all religions and psychology are aware of the universal problem of the human being.

The abrahamic religions emphasize that everything is with God and for God, who is the path for salvation. But then God have became into a concept, the God you know is dead. You don’t need the ten commandments, Christ summarized in the love, and you don’t need to learn a lot about the Bible, Christ was direct and preached what really is God: God is love.

If you separate the teachings of Christ from the rest of the Bible, then God is no more the Universe creator and who is deciding our lives.

If you separate Christ, then God is only: unlimited forgiveness, turning the other cheek if someone strikes you, reducing the ten commandments to love. Sacrifice in struggling for the true until the end.

The Soul and Death

When I die I will lose everything I did, who I am and all the people I met. With dying I only demonstrate that I'm only a temporal being just like the waves of the sea.

My soul is the most real part of me, but I’m not my soul alone. I’m the sum of many things. Such as my epoch, the people surrounding me, what I do, my genetics, my destiny, the food I eat, the environment, but nothing of that is part of my soul.

We have to learn how to flow in the life, we have to be light and unattached.

Polarity of the Universe

The universe has polarity, i.e, it’s consist of both chaos and order. The quantum possibilities or waves, are the chaos, and the order is the observation, awareness. What we call the heart is the unconscious, chaotic; what we call the reason, is the conscience, its order.

By example in a relationship, there the feminine tends to be unstable whereas the masculine tends to be stable.

Being chaos caused in our heart, as in physics, the conscious mind is what originates the order.

The conscious mind is need for the creating of particle as well as the creation of art.

The real transformation comes from changing the unconscious into conscience. Did you control your mind, or your mind controls you? You can regain the power that the unconscious has over you with awareness. In the life you have to be wary of the Smith agent of the matrix where we live, also known as Mara according to Buddha. Depending of source can be called archons or Satan, with represents the same. These beings hypnotizes us and make us living into illusions.

The positive thoughts attract the fortune, the negative ones the misfortune.

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