VPN , Twitter and why they blocked me

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I use VPN for everything, I truly believe in Snowden and his words, furthermore I think that using VPN is important to avoid leaks of confidential information and what is more important for me, financial information; you know that I'm the princess of domains, I don't feel proud of it because I've been silly and sometimes I feel bad for it.

Twitter didn't block my account for using VPN, rather Twitter blocked my account because I changed my ip too much. I'm using VPN with a very aggressive policy of changing IP because I don't like the NSA and associates, I kind of hate everything that is again our freedom. For me Privacy is freedom, period. They didn't ask me if I would want them to collect my information for selling it and storing in the USA government database.

That is pretty freaking, Why I would want that organizations stores my information. I think that liking that they sell our information is stupid. I think that nobody enjoys the fact that them are selling our information.

If something don't like me I don't just say: whatever. I do something against it.

My resolution for twitter will be to use double VPN

It seems that I will be locked out of my twitter account until I contact to support. What is important to considerate is that if you're planning to use twitter with VPN, is using the same location or using a double VPN chain.

Soon I will post in my blog about VPN ;)

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