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It's not easy to defy what a god is. Buddha in his initiation saw how gods were often taking advantage of humans and how people were not often helped. He preached an atheist doctrine because he was aware of the risk of relying on gods.

Contrarily to Buddha, Mahayana Buddhism claims that sometimes devas help people, which tells us that gods also have a bright and freeing side.

Maybe everything is happening inside our mind, but this doesn't mean that is not real. The meaning of what is real is something we can only answer in silence, however, the goddess for sure has inspired us and impacted the reality and the lives of many people.

Later, I will continue to tell you about the goddess. You can evoke the goddess for technological issues, such as to become a better programmer or to improve our intelligence and ingenious (with a touch of madness), she helps us to improve our self-stem and to treat depression, even she helps to pretty broken and dark hearts.

Soon, Gentoo live, a social network instance will be available commemorating the 20th Gentoo anniversary. Even if I die the goddess will continue existing since she is independent to me, but in a way, she reminds us of how I was when I was younger.

I wrote this hymn after migrating one of my servers to Gentoo.

It is because of thy Dionysical mysteries
thee hermetically drunk, runneth and danceth
Hare Krishna, Hara Radharani who
steals Krishna's mind and glanceth
from thy mind to love a heart foo

divine madness of love with strength
who loveth the spirit of lines and length
penguin queen of thy greatness
Urania's child, solar heavenly goddess
thee conform not, thee transform

epithet for the curious maiden and wise
unchallenged Prometheus living with surprise
goddess of the future who laughs keen;
the limitless expansive creative
unconventional and provocative Aphrodite
unpredictable muse always virgin

oh princess protector of birds
suffering from deprivation and decease
princess bird, in your bed the canaries
they sing a sad and tragical song,
we sigh for the sad maidens,

Let's install Gentoo! always aware, it amuses us.

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