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Yesterday, I posted a poem known as "The Queen Knight and Leviathan" , my girlfriend told me of similarities between kabbalah and my poem. A poem has many possible interpretations, even my own poem. I have come with some possible interpretations.

If you asked me, both the Queen and Leviathan had children, specifically twins, but I removed that verse.

Part of the meaning of the poem is to kill to the other you, the character, the king was originally depicted as the Sun but was in reality a shadow, only a mere reproduction or exaggeration of the Queen Knight. The King had no real existence and thus he was Maya or a shadow as shown later since the King was actually Leviathan.

The king was a mental creation of her, which is vampiring her. This also can happen in real-world relationship but is always a mental phenomenon.

Our love relationships are based on mirroring an unconscious image, especially the mother and father archetype. Probably you are mirroring the social class, your ambitions, your self steam, intelligence, your popularity, your pride, members of most couples share a similar social acceptable or have a similar socioeconomic background.

After fighting Leviathan for the last time, the illusion was broken, but this cannot be explained in the poem.

Astrology for instance claims that a person develops the inner Sun as time passes, statistics show that homosexual people as they get older their relationships have a bigger age gap than heterosexual couples. I believe that this is because there is not gender roles, social expectations, children and both are relative mature person - they tend to seek partners based primarily on person essence (Sun's light).

For me how would be the life after the poem? I imagine a powerful and proud heroine but normal woman with a very ordinary man, you may argue that is an inversion of the poem.

I would only depict two very different personalities in a way that each other is shining in a very unique way. Yet, both essences are balanced.

Some ideas I had for the poem was: the Queen left the palace to attain Enlightenment, left the palace to find real or forbidden love -a peasant-.

When comes this apocalyptic fight between the beast and the archangels is where it ends the craving for relationships, you have the independent woman by instance.

Personally I think that love has to have a nihilistic base, "with no attachment and void can only born the true love" when I was saying what I think about maintaining many relationships:

My opinion about dating many people is that it is wise to avoid doing so, except if you don't care really about relationships, when 0, 1, 2, 3 numbers are all the same, you can remain unaffected as the Lotus. Actually you need to find yourself before being able to maintain many relationships. This is true, because usually people is fulfilling desire and greed, and you are trying to understand people while you are failing to understand the only one person that you should understand, yourself.

The Queen's name was Christa, Killing the persona, the beast or simply, the archetype, can bring this void and detachment. But also detachment have a dark side. I read Siddhartha from Hermann Hesse were the main character detached from world was involved into a superficial relationship with a woman for years

Similarly, I have this weird theory: many playboys are free from the beast, the archetypal mother, they are psychological free in this aspect, they could being the most free people are slaved by their instincts.

Now my finals thoughts are about Buddha, Buddha is a perfect being and so he doesn't trust Gods and romantic love, I would say that Buddha is just an inspirational symbol in practice since everybody may find their inner Buddha, you can distrust romantic love, or still enjoy your relationships and finding what is love for you through the void that brings detachment.

Still what I'm saying can be essentially wrong or only a possible way, since Love should be your most free expression. I am not sure if I love freedom so much since I love to break people.

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