How to solve depression

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This is my personal experience and theory, but I think that I'm crazy because my insight is deep. I want to do a major in psychology some day in the feature, meanwhile all this text is only my point of view, and it's not intended to help people. But probably one day I will do something more meaningful.

The more you understand your inner world, and know yourself, the more you will able to cope with depression.
There are two kinds of treatment for depression, behavioral (external) and internal (this one). But you should get the best results if you work both external and inner.

There are several kind of depressions, many of them require professional attention, I was medicated in the past. The problem with modern society is that valuates the external and discredit the inner. The external approach is being active in social activities, doing exercise, meeting new people and all kind of things that are well known.
It's very likely that you will be cured when many lesson about life and yourself are learned, therefore everything will focus in what we need to learn which requires commitment.
Depression affects our core- our way to relate with life and the sensation of feeling alive or shining-
When you are depressed you body is alive, but your soul is dead.
There are many ways of feeling depression, so this steps are not precise, but helps me to share my experience in an structured way.

The following steps are not linear, it's a circle, you will need to start again and again through the treatment.

Step one: Receptivity, feelings and honesty.

To be able to cure you need the mental discipline of emptiness and pain acceptance.

This pain acceptance comes with the clear understanding of your emotions when you clean your mind of any thought. It helps you telling to your heart, I accept you and love you the way you are, you have to be pretty receptive and really listen at you heart.
Listen all the good, all the bad.

Here is were meditation shines.

Emotions are not coherent entities, an emotion became a feeling when you create its reality on mind. What is asking you your inner child?
Your inner child is a child about 3-4 years, you need to understand the basic needs of your child. When it comes to love, you have to think about your partner in the same way a child thinks about parents.

You feel lonely, do you want company?
You feel a looser, do you need being appreciated?
aren't you good enough? do you need acceptation?

Step two: Acceptance

When you can see clearly your emotions, it's time to change your mindset, your reality vision has increased and you need time to make it all sense in the mind. The id and superego, the should be against what it is.
This part is painful, but it's just the beginning.

Step three: Detaching from feelings.

Time to observe the mind, this is very likely to fail because watching the mind is an skill that should be developed very often, but we the human beings ave very emotional and instinctive so most people doesn't control their destiny.
This is the skill to dissociate the own reality and the mind.
You have to confront the feelings in the present moment like an observer with no actual identification with it., but also bring your past memories to the present.
This is very likely to the work of a psychologist, but we all have this inner potential.

Step four. Right thinking.

You just don't attain the right thinking reading motivational quotes, you could say that right thinking is a life style, trying to see things the way they really are.

The right thinking is obtained acquiring wisdom and fighting ignorance. Some advises for right thinking I can think of:

Everything changes, just accept it and everything will flow.

How I feel about others always tell me a great deal about myself. So all my negative feelings caused by other person are due to how I feel with myself.

When you ask someone to not thinking in something, is very hard to not actually think in it. Our mind doesn't work with negatives.

When I complain about something I realize that there is always someone that is feeling worst than me, this makes me to realize that everything is relative.

Step five: Reborn

If something can be done, you will be able to do it when you accept the situation.
Else, you have to be open to the change.

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