Buddha, Gods and romantic love.

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I started watching Aikatsu! I am loving it more than Pretty Rhythm and pri para. It's similar to Pretty Rhythm!!!! Ichigo reminds me when I was younger a lot, or just when I'm happy. Also is pretty funny the anime with her.

The people I really love still see that clumsy and cheerful side of me, also my girl friend.

Girl friend: Girl that I love, but friend

My rigid myself it's just a shadow to balance my personality. I'm like a balloon that needs to be rigidly attached to earth, else I would be daydreaming all the day.

I think that I keep myself grounded thanks to romantic love. Romantic love is something between the ideal and the actual reality.

@chuculate Isn't that one of buddhism tenets?

That is actually one of the Plato's ideas. But I'm certain that is true. Actually Buddhism doesn't work with this romantic idea of love, Buddha doesn't believe in gods, and if you don't believe in gods, you can't believe in romantic love. Buddhism is focused in the mind instead of the heart, opposed to the Jesus from gospels.

Try to think what could be wrong with Gods and romantic love, the worst case scenario:

Love and hate is the same, you can love God one day, but the other day you can hate it and be lost in the spiritual path.

In the case of romance, you can be seduced by the passion and then being disappointed later. You can love and live for a women or men one day, and later you would feel like if you were dying or if you were death , some people even commit suicide.

Buddhism as the only path to spiritual perfection is pretty slow alone because doesn't work directly with the feminine and masculine dynamics present in romantic love. The Adan & Eve, Yin & Yang

Buddhism is probably one of the most masculine religions of the world, I wonder what would be this religion with a female part, or female traditions including a patriarchal part.

Religions are homosexual, I'm indeed still trying to understand homosexuality too. I want to be pansexual, my girl friend & exboyfriend's feelings made me to rethink my life. This will be my project, to became pansexual, it's obvious that I haven't gained inner peace with masculinity. When I gain peace with both sides I will attain the pansexuality.

I believe that one of the keys of the Siddhartha Buddha enlightenment was his life and experimentation, he was a prince with a wife, then he was beggar. Even if denied romantic love to disciples, his life was a duality in itself.

I'm still trying to understand femininity and the the patriarchal spiritual figures as well.

Romantic love

People think that I'm obsessed with love, but I actually I'm obsessed with suffering. I need to meditate about loneliness and suffering today.

@eginmatico Why suffering?

I was attracted to people who was in pain. Some part of me want to see people happy. So I wondered a lot, why are people in pain? White has to turn grey, even if you love yourself.

I have learned that romantic love can be an obstacle to many people, many people that suffer from loneliness also suffer from romantic love. In these case, the mere existence of romantic love is bad for them because they blame romantic love when they could be improve their self-stem if romantic love doesn't even existed in the world. When this kind of people have the luck of being in a relationship, then if relationship is over they pretty often don't manage to make the shining and the love of the relationship eternal, the truth is that the shining in romantic love comes from inside.

But even if these people are stagnated, they changed a bit and hopefully to better thanks to the romantic love. The most important thing to be able to love is the freedom and being yourself, but that is difficult, you have to defy society and parents. Because often the people is insecure about what others think about them.

And what is worse, people don't realize that they are insecure about themselves, they don't dare to see their dark side and sit peacefully alone. If you are insecure into delve into your self, you will be also insecure to develop a deep relationship with a woman or a man.

Love is being born and dying, you have to learn how to die each day, otherwise your won't be authentic or spontaneous, you will become a photograph. Love hates rigidity, retention and masks, if there is a mask, probably that is only convenience and not love.

My perspective is pessimist, romantic love is not a goal. I believe that romantic love is not for everyone.

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