What gifts I love.

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For me it's something cute when you receive something you can share. If I receive something expensive, I think that your are exaggerating my importance, since that is something I can not share. Imagine a gold jewel with my name. How can I share that with someone? It is too individualized. How can I share a book of poems dedicated to me with someone? Or a Linux distribution made for me?

Well, about the latter, I have no problems as long as it is a distribution that solves the problems of others. Just have the courage to follow it after my death.

In the past, I did not used to think much about myself. I was aware that everything was me, and me was everything. All humanity was me. And I got angry when they had a lot of consideration towards me. Because when they gave me something, I wanted to employ it for something else instead of my own pleasure, and that's something they could not understand about me.

Imagine that they give me a jewel; well, then I will sell it to donate to children with cancer. And that would be my happiness. But the one who gives me the jewel, does not understand my happiness, and illogically, he would get angry.

What I value in a gift is that in that gift represents something more important than my own existence. I mean, a gift only thinking about me is not worth, because I as a person do not have much importance; one of these days I'm going to die. They are giving me dust, because I am dust. Selfishness is death, dust. Together we are life. This is not an ideology, it's how I really feel.

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