VPN , Twitter and why they blocked me

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I use VPN for everything, I truly believe in Snowden and his words, furthermore I think that using VPN is important to avoid leaks of confidential information and what is more important for me, financial information; you know that I'm the princess of domains, I don't feel proud of it because I've been silly and sometimes I feel bad for it.

Twitter didn't block my account for using VPN, rather Twitter blocked my account because I changed my ip too much. I'm using VPN with a very aggressive policy of changing IP because I don't like the NSA and associates, I kind of hate everything that is again our freedom. For me Privacy is freedom, period. They didn't ask me if I would want them to collect my information for selling it and storing in the USA government database.

That is pretty freaking, Why I would want that organizations stores my information. I think that liking that they sell our information is stupid. I think that nobody enjoys the fact that them are selling our information.

If something don't like me I don't just say: whatever. I do something against it.

My resolution for twitter will be to use double VPN

It seems that I will be locked out of my twitter account until I contact to support. What is important to considerate is that if you're planning to use twitter with VPN, is using the same location or using a double VPN chain.

Soon I will post in my blog about VPN ;)

Fake Hitler quote

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I'm reading about the life and ideology of Hitler because suddenly I realized that I knew nothing about him. Meanwhile I've learned some interesting things.

It's pretty funny that several people thought this quote was real because it was created in a spoofing reedit forum. Interesting enough, the other day I searched about an Einstein quote and I ended in reedit too. So, if you found a suspect quote in reedit, you should think it twice.

Don't let waht other people think stop you from doing the things you love

How I know? this is pretty easy, the quotes fake boom started in this decade, you only have to search in Google in a range from 2000 to 2010, the quote must be in quotation marks, of course.

If the quote is real then you can find it through books and scholar articles dating that years. Else, then you need to find out where the fake quoted arose adding years to the range date search.

Here is the link where this fake quote arouse: Link

It's a shame that there are links quoting this fake quote:

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